"What should I wear to our session?"

Hi guys! As an Annapolis photographer, the question I get asked the most is “What should I wear to the session”? Three of the most important factors of a great photography session are location, light, and appearance. These are photos that are capturing a moment in your life, you will want to look back at these for years to come without saying “What was I thinking?”! I wanted to create a guide that outlines the best things to wear and avoid during a session. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions!

Makeup and Grooming

  • Ladies: Please make sure your hair is styled and the color of your liking. I recommend getting your roots touched up if you routinely do so and straightening or curling it. Wear a moderate amount of makeup, but not too much. I want you to feel confident and beautiful! Avoid extremely heavy or cakey makeup because it does not photograph well. Wear eye makeup that will bring out your eyes. Try to avoid having chipped nail polish as it will stand out. Either have the nails freshly painted or not painted at all. ALso, try to avoid using a visible white deodorant if your outfit is sleeveless. I have a hair and makeup artist I work with if you are interested in having it professionally done!
  • Men: Make sure hair is styled in a way you prefer and make sure facial hair is groomed. 
  • Children: Try to avoid highly colored foods and candies that might stain mouth or face. I usually have baby wipes on hand, but its always best to avoid messy faces!

Clothing to avoid

  • Neon: Neons end up taking center stage in images, they also reflect unattractive neon color onto your skin.
  • Large Logos/labels:Large logos and labels can really over power an image as well. We are trying to keep the focus on you, so you don't want your pictures to end up looking like an Ad for Nike or another brand. A small ralph lauren logo on a polo or the bottom corner of a shirt is fine. Avoid logos larger than that though. 
  • Baseball Caps: Baseball caps cast an unflattering shade over your face, and also leave marks on your forehead. They also bring a very casual vibe to the pictures that isnt always the best. I HIGHLY recommend leaving them at home. 
  • Highly Patterned Clothes: Loud patterns can easily take away from the images and become the focal point. Its usually best to avoid them, but sometimes they can be attractive on a small scale. Let me know if you have any questions about this. 
  • Torn or Wrinkled Clothing: these pictures should represent you in the best shape! Torn and wrinkled clothes can make the pictures look and feel “cheap” which is never a good thing in portraits. 
  • Tennis Shoes: Same as above, brings a very casual vibe to the images that isnt flattering. 
  • Short skirts: The last thing you want is to have a skirt that shows more than you would like in your pictures
  • Jeans: A nice tailored pair of jeans looks great in images, but try to limit it to one person. Have other people wear a nice skirt or solid colored pants. 

Clothing that looks great

  • I always tell families or groups to all coordinate but not match exactly. Having everyone wear khakis and a white shirt is no longer in style, and can make the photos feel stale.. Texture and movement in photos is super flattering and highly encouraged.
  •  In the spring try to wear complementary shades of pastels such as pink, light blue, teal, and cream.
  • Fall photos with jewel tones such as navy blue, mustard, plum, cream and cranberry are always beautiful.
  • Layers look great in photos, as well as fabrics that have texture such as lace and chiffon.

Wear something flattering and comfortable!

  • I always recommend avoid tight clothing or clothing that you don't feel good in. Typically you want the clothes to be fitted but not skin tight. Women, try and wear clothes that give you a nice waistline or bodice. Often times, clothes without a defined bodice will make everyone look heavier, no matter what size you are. 
  • Men always look great in a pair of slacks and a nice button down. I also love when my guys wear a suit or sports coat. 
  • Your outfits should make you feel great and beautiful, so you don't spend the session obsessing about how you look. 

Think about where you are putting these images

  • Most of the time, my clients will be printing these images for their home. Think about the color scheme/decor of your home, and choose a location and outfits that will match! If you have a bright and beachy style in your house, a fall session at a farm wont match as well as a beach session. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I want you to be happy and comfortable, so of course these are just guidelines for what works 99% of the time. I always recommend you run your outfits by me in advance so I can suggest adjustments if needed.