"Did you have a location in mind for your session?"

That is one of the first questions I ask my clients when they decide to book me for a session! Location is soooo important, it truly can make or break your session. Being an Annapolis Photographer, I have a soft spot for the water. Whenever I take personal photos for my family, I always make sure they are on a beach. For me personally, the beach has always been a really sacred place. If I am overwhelmed or stressed, I think about the beach. When I picture my favorite memories growing up, they mostly take place on the beach. Thats just my "sweet spot"!

So how do you figure out your sweet spot? Theres a couple different ways to do this. You want to make sure these pictures are truly timeless, but will also match your personal aesthetic. I usually recommend thinking about the following points to try and nail down your perfect location:

How is your home decorated? If you plan on printing a lot of these photos, you want to make sure they will match the design of your home. That is important when choosing outfits as well as a location. If you are farmhouse chic, I know of tons of farms with beautiful open spaces that would be perfect. If your home is kind of edgy and eclectic, consider a cityscape or location with nice clean lines. If you lean towards classic and rich colors, a nice forrest backdrop would look amazing!

Do you have a specific happy place? Maybe its your favorite little hideaway for reading a good book, or the location of your first date. Locations with a sentimental value are great for sessions, because there is an added level of emotion. I once did a session on a farm that has been in their family for over 60 years, that's a perfect way to capture a special moment in time.

Do you have a favorite season? I have a good friend who absolutely despises winter. I couldn't convince her to take outdoor photos in the winter if my life depended on it. She is someone who thrives in the warm weather, and the beach is her happy place. Different seasons can make certain locations stand out even more. Obviously the beach and summer are best friends, the fall and the woods are a match made in heaven. I know of a few gorgeous floral locations that are absolutely stunning in the spring, and there's something special about a big open farm or Downtown Annapolis with snow.

One last suggestion, consider what you want to wear to the session. If you re going to break out a cool trendy outfit, that would look great against a city backdrop. Long flowy dresses are basically made for sunset beach pictures. Boots and a sweater will always be a classic match with a park setting, and a more formal outfit would look great in a clean and simple spot.

I hope this post helps you figure out your own personal "sweet spot"!